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When you move house it can be hard to know what to do with all your possessions, especially things that you aren’t able to take to your new abode or keep for sentimental value. As soon as you know your moving house date then this is something that you should start thinking about immediately. The more organised you are, the less waste you’ll have!


Once you know when you are moving begin by clearing out your fridge, freezer and cupboards. Dried goods can be moved to your new house, but is it worth it? Make a list of the items you have that could do with being used up before you move and create some meal plans around these. That way, you get some delicious dinner ideas but you also use stuff up. If you can afford to, you could also consider donating left over tins and dried food to a local food bank.

The Trussell Trust have a handy food bank finder you can use for free: Click HERE and search for your area eg Rotherham.

Kitchen Clearance South Yorkshire


When you have moved house, you’re likely to have a whole host of packing materials left over. Why not give them to someone else who is looking to relocate in Yorkshire? Find a local Facebook group and post that you have used moving boxes etc. and you can guarantee that someone will take them off of your hands quickly. They benefit from some free boxes, you clear up space in your new house & the environment will thank you!

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When you’re starting to pack ready to move have a think about what it is you’re packing. Are they items you need or have they been stuck in a cupboard for weeks collecting dust? If it is the later, is it really worth moving? Why not have a look at things you can sell to raise some funds? You might find you have a enough to pay for your removal costs! Facebook Marketplace & Gumtree are a great place to start when it comes to selling items fast.

Hope this helps with your planning for the big day.
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