choosing a removal company in south yorkshire

When it comes to searching for the best removals company in South Yorkshire you need to consider many factors including price.

Although we all want to bag a bargain, you need to remember that whichever company you choose they are going to be handling all of your worldly belongings and treasured possessions. It’s not just about finding the the cheapest removal company. The sweet spot is finding a cost-effective firm that are also a company you can trust. Family run companies are always the best as they know exactly what you expect.


One of the biggest factors you need to consider is whether you can trust the company to do what they say they will. On moving day you’ll need them there, on time, as promised and doing exactly what is required to get you and your family moved. The cheapest removal company in Rotherham, Sheffield, Doncaster or Barnsley might seem ideal and you will feel like you’ve hit the jackpot, but if they don’t turn up on the day how much money have you really saved? This happens. A lot!

Speak to your removal company. It helps if they have a freephone number or live chat on their website. Discuss all the details before the big day. Don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you need, when you need it to happen and what your expectations are. You’ll be able to judge from the answers they give you how professional they are and how happy you feel relying on them to do the biggest part of your home move.


Thanks to social media we all have easy access to customer testimonials and reviews. TrustPilot is your best friend here. You know that these reviews can be trusted 100%. You could also Google something like “Removals Rotherham Reviews” and you’ll be able to see what other people in similar situations to you have done and how happy they were with that decision. Why not see if the company may choose to use have a Facebook page or Twitter feed that you can have a read of and see what previous customers have been saying? Best of all, do they have a professional website (it shows they care) and may be even some video testimonials from happy customers. Why not ask the removal company for some references so you can email or call their previous customers and gauge how their experience went.


Even if you do think they are offering the cheapest removals service in South Yorkshire, make sure you shop around and see what others are charging. Check exactly what you get for your money and make sure you compare like for like. The best way to do this is to use an online quotation calculator if they have one. You may find that one company is slightly more expensive but you get so much for more your money, so actually choosing them may be a wiser choice for your home move needs. What’s that age-old truth? Ah yes… don’t compare apples with oranges!

Choosing a removal company in Rotherham