Moving house? What questions to ask the previous owners.

VG Removals have been moving home owners in South Yorkshire since 1978. Thats over four decades! In that time we have learnt a thing or two about the best questions to ask the previous owners when you buy their house. Recently we spoke to several families we were moving in the Sheffield area and asked them all what questions they had asked the seller and also which questions they wished they had asked!

Moving House Sheffield

When it comes to moving home, most of them realised that they needed to notify utility companies, pack their stuff into boxes and find a Sheffield based removal company to help. However, not everyone knew that to make their life easier in a brand new home, asking the right questions to the people who lived there before them was recommended.


Remember that these people have lived in the home you’re about to move into and so have experience of what the house is like and where things are.

You should definitely ask;

• Where is the main stopcock for the water supply?
• Where is the gas meter?
• Where is the electricity meter?
• How do they recommend cleaning any unusual surfaces (such as wooden floors)?
• Do they have any left-over paint for the walls or tiles for the bathroom?
• Which utility providers do they use
• What days are the bins are collected?
• Which local amenities did they enjoy while they lived there?
• Which pub is their favourite?
• Which pizza delivery service do they recommend?


Sheffield Moving House Guide

These things won’t seem like immediate questions to ask, but will make your life easier in the long run.
That way when you do move into a new home you will get settled into your new life and routine as easily and quickly as possible.